Alleged luxury goods scammers discovered by M'sian police about 30 mins after arrival at budget hotel

They apparently did not have much cash on them when they were arrested.

Lee Wei Lin | August 13, 2022, 02:40 PM

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More details about Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipa's arrest have been revealed after Lianhe Zaobao spoke to staff at the hotel where they were arrested.

The couple allegedly scammed millions of dollars from over 200 luxury goods buyers, reportedly fled Singapore on July 4, and was arrested on Aug. 11 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Did not make hotel reservation

A female staff member at the BookMe Hotel told Zaobao that the couple did not make a prior reservation with them. They walked in at about 10:30pm on Aug. 10 and asked for a room.

Although the staff knew about the fugitive couple being on the run, she did not recognise them immediately as she did not remember their names.

While hotel staff was handling check-in procedures, the couple first waited on a sofa in the hotel lobby, but later decided to sit outside instead.

Police appeared about 30 minutes of couple's arrival

The Chinese daily noted that Malaysian police turned up at the hotel within 30 minutes of the couple's arrival at the hotel.

Three men, believed to be plainclothes policemen, first approached them, and were joined shortly by two others.

Screenshot from Shin Min Daily News

While speaking to the couple, one of the policemen conducted a body search on Pi.

According to China Press, the couple was questioned for about four hours and the entire group only left the hotel at about 3:15am.

Couple allegedly planned to flee to Thailand

The couple is believed to have intended to flee to Thailand after entering Malaysia, but plans fell through after falling out with their Thai partner, according to Zaobao. This is presumably why they remained in JB.

A Thai partner allegedly told Thai police about the couple's plan, which allowed them to track them down.

Thai police then tracked them down according to the leads provided, and relayed the information to Singapore police, who in turn sought assistance from the Malaysian police.

According to Zaobao, the pair did not have much cash on them when they were arrested.

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