Richie Koh 'thankful' for outpouring of praise after playing character with intellectual disabilities in 'Your World In Mine'


Lee Wei Lin | July 29, 2022, 07:07 PM

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Mediacorp actor Richie Koh has been getting a lot of positive feedback for his acting in Channel 8 drama "Your World In Mine".

He plays Zheng Tian Cai, a 21-year-old who has the intellectual age of a seven-year-old.

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High praise

Viewers and industry insiders alike have commended Koh's acting, and regard Tian Cai as the 29-year-old's breakout role.

There's even talk that he'll be nominated for a performance award at next year's Star Awards, which would be his first. He was nominated for Best Newcomer in 2018, and in two fan-voted categories this year.

Koh's acting has also impressed thespian Chen Hanwei -- who, by the way, has the most number of Star Awards Best Actor wins (seven) to date.

Chen said in a July 21 Instagram post:

"I've always said that actors who are waiting for opportunities have to seize them and work hard when these chances present themselves.

I'm very happy to see new actors doing an outstanding job, (which includes Richie Koh's) surprising performance.


"Your World In Mine" is worth recommending, and it'll show you what goes on in their respective worlds."

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"Happy" to raise awareness of those with special needs

Koh told Mothership that he is "thankful for the appreciation shown by everyone", and he is "happy" that his role has created awareness of those with special needs.

"Don't forget that everyone is special too," he added.

He told 8 Days that he met two people with intellectual disabilities to prepare for his role and slept less while he was filming the series, so that his eyes would look "listless".

According to CNA, he also stopped hitting the gym for this role, and allowed himself to eat whatever he wanted.

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