Chen Hanwei, 53, wins Best Actor for 7th time but wishes a younger actor had gotten it instead

He thought the other nominees had all surpassed themselves while he has maintained his acting skills.

Mandy How | April 27, 2022, 10:18 AM

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Chen Hanwei is once again the Best Actor at the most recent Star Awards, making it the seventh time the veteran is bringing home the trophy from the category.

Chen, who won for his role in Channel 8 drama "Recipe of Life", was nominated alongside Desmond Tan, Jeremy Chan, Romeo Tan, and Xu Bin.

For context:

  • Desmond had won "Best Actor" in 2018, and was nominated three other times (including in 2022)
  • It was Xu Bin and (Jeremy) Chan's first "Best Actor" nominations
  • Romeo has been nominated in the category three times in total but is still waiting to clinch his first award

Which is perhaps why Chen was gesticulating for his fellow nominees to go on stage during the drum roll, and looked like this when it was his name that was announced:

Screenshot via Mediacorp Entertainment/YouTube

Screenshot via Mediacorp Entertainment/YouTube

After a quick thanks to the company and panel of judges, Chen jumped right into how he really felt: "I had really hoped to see these actors from the younger generation coming on stage to receive the award."

Photo via Mediacorp

He said: "I can only say that my acting skills have maintained, but they (the other nominees) have surpassed themselves. They deserve the honour of standing on this stage."

In a post-show interview with the media, the actor reiterated this sentiment and complimented the four actors in their roles.

"It isn't that I'm unhappy to win the award, but I just felt, 'Aiya, why haven't the newer actors had the luck?' Maybe it's just because my luck is a little better than theirs."

But does Chen wish that he hadn't won the award?

In response to a media question, the actor clarified, "Mmm, I can't put it this way, because I would be letting the production crew down."

The rest of the team had worked very hard to bring out his role, Chen added.

Top image via Mediacorp Entertainment/YouTube