Wang Leehom says ex-wife has 'overactive imagination' after another longass letter, Lee Jinglei shoots back

It's Season 2 but are we down for it? 😣😫

Mandy How | January 12, 2022, 07:33 PM

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It's 2022 and Wang Leehom's saga is back with a vengeance.

In prompt response to ex-wife Lee Jinglei's latest letter on the night of Jan. 11, the Mandopop singer has released a statement via his agency.

Published on Apple Daily, the statement accuses Lee of a "overactive imagination," and questions why she did not call the police if the situation were a threatening as she described, noting that the police station is right next to the apartment.

Wang's manager adds that two of the three men were assistants who have served the couple for 12 years, while the third is a bodyguard.

In a follow-up article, Apply Daily reported that Wang was "heartbroken" at not being able to see and hug his three children.

The singer was also apparently advised by his lawyer not to return to the apartment by himself.

Lee Jinglei refutes with eight points

Of course, Lee has responded, and very quickly too.

Here's a translation and summary of the eight points she made, addressed directly to Wang:

1. We've only been married for eight years, but had an assistant for 12 years? Everyone knows that he's your personal assistant who carries out every word you say.

2. If what I said was true, I should have made a police report? I did make a police report.

3. I have an hyperactive imagination? Please point out which part was imagined by me, and I'll supplement the evidence for it.

4. You only wanted to visit the kids? Not only have I been welcoming of that, I have been actively asking you to do so. If you wanted to see the children, why did you go against the conditions of our agreement? No other parties are allowed unless with both our consent. Why did you attempt to barge in? Why did you keep hiding the fact, before and during the visit, that there was a third man with you?

5. Heartbroken that you couldn't see the kids? When you had the freedom to visit them, you only planned to return over the Chinese New Year period (from Feb. 1).

6. Your lawyer advised you not to come back alone? Which lawyer would ask you to breach the agreement, and bring three male parties without consent? Why did you want to switch off the surveillance camera if you were visiting the children? What would they be able to capture othewise, what could be any worse than what you have already done? If you needed a witness, one would do, and you could have found someone that everyone was comfortable with. Why did you have to bring so many others, when it was just me alone?

7. To use judicial means? I would, but that requires vast amounts of time, money and energy, and it's not timely enough to ensure my personal safety. It also can't protect me from the mental strain you put me through every day.

8. Provide the evidence if I have them? Sure, I’ll post it if you agree... (I didn't want it to reach this stage. After all, it contains much private and sensitive information... not sure what needs to be censored and what doesn't.)

Season 2

The saga had reignited after a netizen claiming to know Wang's senior staff member came forward, saying that Lee is an very "extreme" person with psychological issues.

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