McDonald's S'pore finally made a pie better than the Apple Pie

Peach McFizz not nice though.

Mandy How | January 21, 2022, 06:11 PM

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I went in with no expectations. In fact, I wasn't even planning on writing this article (which explains the empty pie box in the top photo).

After all, McDonald's had already failed me more than once.

Yet every new variation of the pie would have me dedicating at least one meal to the fast food chain, just so I could try the dessert.

Off the top of my head, there was the peach pie, chocolate banana pie, blueberry cream cheese pie, and white chocolate strawberry cream pie, and so on.

But for all their novelty and creativity, the apple pie still reigns (the blueberry cream cheese pie came close though).

Until now.

The strawberry pie, I should say, took my expectations and smashed them through the roof.

We have here a pleasantly surprised McCustomer.

Arguably, the item comprises two parts: the crust and the filling.

The crust was pretty standard, but also tasted subtly different from the golden one we're used to—in a good way, being somehow enhanced by a mild sweetness.

Photo via @thedeadcockroach/Instagram

Now, since the crust has passed the test, the filling is what makes or breaks the pie.

For cheaper strawberry items (as is the case), there are the usual pitfalls: it could be artificial-tasting, or way too sweet, or both. This was neither.

HOWEVER, it felt very suspiciously like there were actual strawberries in there. Actual strawberries in a McDonald's strawberry pie? What a time to be alive.

Photo via @thedeadcockroach/Instagram

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The worst part about this whole thing? You know it's going to get taken off the menu soon. You just don't know when.

The strawberry pie is now selling at McDonald's from S$1.40. This article is not sponsored. I am just very passionate about strawberry items. 

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Top image by Mandy How, @thedeadcockroach/Instagram