Video: Father escorted to Greenridge Crescent crime scene where his 11-year-old twin boys found dead

The suspect wore cuffs on his wrists and ankles.

Belmont Lay | January 28, 2022, 02:38 AM

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The father of the 11-year-old twin boys found dead in a canal in Upper Bukit Timah was brought back to the crime scene by police on Thursday, Jan. 27.

A 4-minute video by Lianhe Zaobao showed how the police escorted the murder suspect back to the canal next to the Greenridge Crescent playground at about 3:10pm.

Xavier Yap Jung Houn, the father of two boys, was charged on Jan. 24 with the murder of one of his sons, Ethan Yap E Chern.

The other son is Aston Yap.

Mothership understands that the charge for the other boy will be tendered at later hearings.

Suspect arrived in black van accompanied by car

Before the arrival of the suspect, the police had already cordoned off the area.

The street where the suspect was to alight was cordoned off on both sides.

The media were allowed to wait just outside the police cordon.

The suspect was travelling in a black van, and accompanied by a car.

Vehicles parked under shade

The police parked their vehicles under the shade and beside the staircase that leads down to the playground.

The police officers were seen removing what appeared to be a suitcase-like bag from the car.

Not much activity was registered for about 2 minutes.

Suspect led out of car to playground

When the suspect was eventually led out of the car, camera shutters went off.

The father was wearing a red shirt and dark cut-off pants.

He was handcuffed and anklecuffed, and surrounded by five police officers.

He walked slowly, but his movements did not appear hindered by the cuffs.

As he was wearing a mask, his face could not be seen.

He was then taken to the park and down the steps towards the canal.

The video ended when the suspect walked down the stairs and disappeared from view.

About the case

Yap had called the police for help on Friday evening, Jan. 21, at the playground.

Officers arrived to find two brothers lying motionless.

They were pronounced dead by a paramedic.

A search was conducted in the forested area in Upper Bukit Timah near Toh Tuck Road, which saw the gurkhas and the police's K-9 unit deployed.

The police said Yap was arrested on Saturday, Jan. 22, after round-the-clock investigations.

The police prosecutor said at Yap's hearing that the accused would be taken out for investigations with permission.

The case has been adjourned to Jan. 31.

All media via Lianhe Zaobao Facebook

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