New videos show Bentley driver cut queue to go into Red Swastika School, tell security guard he doesn't know how to control traffic

Whose parent is this?

Belmont Lay | January 11, 2022, 06:10 PM

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Another two videos (here and here) have emerged online showing the white Bentley not forming up with other cars on the left-most lane turning into Red Swastika School in Bedok North and being told off by the security guard to make one round to form up properly again.

The incident on Jan. 11 has led to the luxury car driver being slammed online and by education minister, Chan Chun Sing, as the driver had put the life and limbs of a security guard in peril by nudging his way into the school.

Cut queue video

While it was originally unclear why the driver wanted to force his way into the school, it has since emerged that the Bentley was not formed up behind the other cars turning into the compound and had tried to jump the queue.

An in-car camera caught the moment the Bentley used the second left-most lane to cut the queue.

Arguing with security guard video

Another video, believed to have been shot on a mobile phone by a passer-by or someone from one of the cars, showed the Bentley driver arguing with the security guard.

The Bentley driver told the security guard that it was his first time going into the school and that the queue to go in was too long and the security guard should make an exception to allow him in.

However, the security guard stood firm, and told the Bentley driver off, by asking him to make one round and queue up properly again.

Here's the conversation as heard on the video:

Bentley driver: "Now you stand at here, now behind traffic jam, are you okay anot?"

"I first time come, I first time."

Security guard: "There is no excuse. You clear the second lane, you please, you turn off."

Bentley driver: "That's why I see you don't know how to control the traffic, right? That's why I come to the second lane because here got two white line mah.

Passer-by: "Eh mai sia suay lah (don't be an embarrassment), queue up lah. Come on man, you are parents."

Security guard: "This is coming out, you want to come in ah?"

Bentley driver: "Sorry, you clear yourself I can go in."

Security guard: "No, you go away before (unintelligible speech)."


It has since been revealed that the Bentley had a valid label to enter the school, but had cut the queue of waiting cars.

It was previously thought that the driver did not have a valid car label.

The Bentley was driven by a 61-year-old man.

The driver held up traffic for 15 minutes.

The school staff supposedly gave up arguing with the man and let him onto the premises.

The Bentley car plate number is not found on the OneMotoring website, suggesting it is an invalid licence plate.

Education minister Chan said his ministry is looking into the case.

A police report has been lodged by the Union of Security Employees (USE).

The driver has been arrested.