Chan Chun Sing slams Bentley driver who tried to force his way into school, drove into security guard

'This is unacceptable behaviour.'

Mandy How | January 11, 2022, 01:21 PM

[Update on Jan. 11, 4:35pm: The Union of Security Employees (USE) has updated its Facebook post to indicate that the driver had a valid label to enter the school, but cut the queue of waiting cars. It previously stated that the driver did not have a valid car label.]

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Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing has denounced the behaviour of a Bentley driver who tried to force his way into Red Swastika School in Bedok.

Footage of the incident was widely circulated online on the morning of Jan. 11, accompanied by the narrative that the male driver had insisted on entering the school without a valid car label.

The driver can be seen moving the car forward and coming into contact with the security guard, apparently attempting to push the latter away, as he was blocking the vehicle from entering the compound.

It was believed that a school staff, who was handling the incident, eventually gave up and told the security guard to grant the car entry.

"Unacceptable behaviour"

Chan said in his post that the incident has come to his attention, describing it as "dangerous manoeuvres against a security officer and a school staff."

He said:

"This is unacceptable behaviour. This is not the way we should behave towards our security and school personnel who are performing their duties to keep our schools and our children safe."

The minister revealed that the authorities are looking into the case and will make a police report if warranted.

"As adults we should set a positive example for our children in how we treat others with respect, and abide by the rules that are in place for the collective security of our school community," Chan added.

Online users have agreed with Chan, calling for immediate and punitive action against the driver.

Top image via video, Chan Chun Sing's Facebook page

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