Lee Jinglei's friend of 10 years says she has never seen her lose her cool at anyone until now

Some of Lee Jinglei's friends have taken to social media to share their views.

Karen Lui | December 22, 2021, 04:35 PM

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The messy divorce between Mandopop star Wang Leehom and ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, has resulted in cheating allegations, loss of brand endorsements, and eventually Wang's public apology and temporary break from showbiz.

Lee's friends have stepped forward to show their support for Lee during such troubling times.

Supportive friend for over 10 years

Lee's friend of over 10 years, artist Elin Yeh, is also known to be close friends with Mandopop singer Rainie Yang, Taiwanese actress-model Tiffany Hsu, and late Taiwanese host Alien Huang.

Yeh, Yang, and Hsu are part of the "Hwa Kang Five-person Gang", which is named after their shared alma mater, Hwa Kang Arts School in Taipei. Huang was also part of this group.

In the post dated Dec. 21, Yeh posted a picture with Lee and tagged her.

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A post shared by Elin Yeh (@elin22)

The artist prefaces the Instagram post by saying, "I don't wish to criticise others / This is what my mother taught me!"

She describes Lee as a friend with whom she can "learn mutually from and grow with". Lee is also "willing to listen to everything" and "quietly supports" her.

Yeh adds that when she is impatient, Lee "doesn't roll her eyes".

According to Yeh, she has "never seen [Lee] lose her cool / until now..", likely referencing the series of exposés and retorts that Lee had shared on his social media platforms regarding her ex-husband Wang.

The artist ends her cryptic Instagram caption with the following:

"So much that I wish to say can only be experienced privately

Let's talk about the rest another time

Thanks for listening to her say her piece together

Proud of you"

Terri Kwan shares her views

Yeh is not the only person to speak up for Lee.

Taiwanese actress-model Terri Kwan shared a series of five Instagram stories on Dec. 21 — while the posts never explicitly named any parties, it is likely referencing the saga.

The Instagram stories have expired on her Instagram page but Kwan has reposted them onto her Weibo page.

Kwan claimed that she and the woman in question, presumably Lee, are not close friends but share many mutual friends who would meet together for meals.

8 Days reported that Kwan had posted a photo with some "tai tai" friends, including Lee, last year.

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A post shared by 關穎Terri Kwan🌴🌺🐘🍾🥂 (@kwanterri)

In her Instagram story, Kwan noted that Lee has always dressed in a low-profile manner without any branded goods.

They would chat about things related to educating children or other light-hearted topics, Kwan added.

Kwan believes Lee is not “out for money” but posits that even if the latter is seeking alimony, it is perfectly normal for a husband to give his wife money.

“I believe that one should contribute within their own means, it’s fine as long as both parties feel comfortable. Furthermore, this is a family that involves the children’s living and education costs, etc. I don’t think the terms that she has stated are demanding at all. How can one be so rich yet so stingy?”

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