Wang Leehom dropped by at least 3 brands within 24 hours after ex-wife's explosive bombshell alleging multiple affairs

Jay Chou has also unfollowed him on Instagram.

Kayla Wong | December 18, 2021, 05:44 PM

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Following Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom's ex-wife Li Jinglei's explosive revelations about his string of affairs, the 45-year-old has been dropped by at least three brands.

Brands cease partnerships with Wang

INFINITI, the luxury automobile division of Japanese manufacturer Nissan, announced on Dec. 18 at 1:22am on Weibo that they are ceasing all collaboration with Wang.

This was despite INFINITI having announced that Wang was their newest brand ambassador just a few days earlier on Dec. 16, The Paper reported.

Wang also lost an endorsement deal with education tech company Readboy, which made the announcement at 7am on Dec. 18.

Chow Tai Seng jewellery company has also cut ties with the star, saying in a post issued at 9:53am on the same day their sponsorship deal with Wang had already ended on Nov. 30, and that they would not be renewing their contract with him.

Several Weibo users applauded the brands for their move, praising them for their fast response, and saying that they would now support their products.

Celebrities quickly draw the line with Wang

Fellow celebs have also drawn the line with Wang.

Shortly after Li dropped the shocking bombshell in her 4,538-word letter, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou unfollowed Wang on Instagram, EBC News reported.

Wang is still following Chou at the moment, however.

Image via Weibo

In response to online speculations that Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu was one of the women that Wang was cheating with, her entertainment company also posted clarifications on her social media pages, and threatened legal action against anyone who attempts to spread any falsehoods about her.

One of Wang's friends in the entertainment industry, Chen Chien-chou, has declined to comment on the scandal as well.

When asked by reporters at a basketball match he was at if he has anything to say about Wang's alleged affairs, he simply said the match tops everything else, Apple Daily (Taiwan) reported.

Wang and Chen at a basketball match in March this year. (Image via Facebook)

Spotted at Beijing airport

While Wang has yet to make any response to Li's allegations, he was seen at the Beijing airport in the morning of Dec. 18, Red Star News reported.

He reportedly appeared calm, and even waved at the cameras.

The comments section on Wang's Weibo page has been closed, while articles by the brands he was previously endorsing have also been taken down.

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Top image adapted via Weibo