Video of Redhill funeral showing likely breach of Covid-19 rules is posted online, gets slammed

The video shows a crowd at the funeral procession, with some singing along as music played.

Nigel Chua | November 22, 2021, 12:14 PM

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A Nov. 21 funeral procession taking place along Redhill Close was filmed for over five minutes from a nearby building.

The footage was then uploaded onto various social media platforms, calling attention to breaches of Covid-19 regulations by the large group of attendees, some of whom were allegedly not wearing masks.

The video shows at least a hundred people at the scene, where the body of the deceased was being brought to the hearse, while funeral music played.

Attendees could be heard singing along at some points.

Netizens call for more sensitivity

The practice of circulating photos and videos of those who breach Covid-19 regulations has been commonplace since 2020, but this particular example drew criticism from netizens, who called for more sensitivity, given the context of the event.

"On the final journey liao still want post," wrote one commenter, adding that it would be better to instead "give [and] take lah".

Some also said that it would have been more respectful to refrain from posting such content.

And when a commenter raised a point about the increased risk of transmission of Covid-19 at such an event, others responded to say that there was no need to post a video on social media.

"Not happy, report to [OneService] app or call the police straight lah. Don't need to shame on social media," said another comment in reply.

Others on Facebook called for the admins of the page to take down the post.

Previous incidents

Police have taken action over similar incidents or large gatherings at funerals in the past.

However, many such incidents involved persons being rounded up after chanting gang slogans while participating in funeral processions.

In those cases, the participants were arrested for being members (or suspected members) of an unlawful society.

Members of the public urged to be sensitive

During the circuit breaker period in 2020, the National Environment Agency (NEA) responded to reports of multiple guests at a funeral wake.

NEA said that it had warned the family and the funeral director and told them to abide by safe distancing measures.

NEA also urged members of the public to "be sensitive towards the bereaved families" by refraining from sharing photos or videos online.

It said that breaches of safe distancing measures should be reported through the OneService app instead.

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