YouTuber JianHao Tan weighs in on allegations that NOC's Sylvia Chan is verbally abusive

He was asked about the situation during a livestream.

Mandy How | October 11, 2021, 07:35 PM

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Fellow YouTuber JianHao Tan has weighed in with his thoughts on the accusations levelled against Night Owl Cinematics' (NOC) Sylvia Chan.

While it appears that 28-year-old Tan did not plan to do so initially, a related question was posed by a social media user during the personality's recent livestream.

The moment was highlighted by TikTok user @plumaedh, who applauded Tan for addressing the situation.

"[...] I'm not going to avoid it. I'm just going to make this quick because here are my thoughts," Tan said.

Known the couple for nine years

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In his two-minute response, Tan noted that he has known Chan and her NOC co-founder/ex-husband, Ryan Tan, for nine years.

As the YouTubers have grown together in the past decade, Tan emphasised that the couple has been "nothing but kind" to him.

"Watching everything from afar, it really breaks my heart to see what's unfolding," he added. "And of course, whatever I say, I don't mean to invalidate anyone's experiences or anybody's feelings."

With that disclaimer, Tan went on to explain the dynamics in NOC while looking slightly emotional.

According to Tan, Ryan is an individual who is easily taken advantage of.

To prevent that, Tan said Chan has apparently grown to be "a bit more protective, a bit more stern and fierce".

Tan felt that Chan might have gotten used to playing such a role, finding it easier to go along with others' impression of her than to explain herself.

"I think it might have been an extreme case of good cop, bad cop," the YouTuber conjectured.

Since the saga broke out late last week, Colgate has dropped Sylvia as an advertiser, while Milo clarified publicly that their campaign with her has ended.

On Oct. 11, NOC released a statement on the matter, calling the accusations "malicious attacks."

Chan has not personally addressed the allegations.

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Top image by JianHao Tan via @plumaedh/TikTok, JianHao Tan's Instagram page