S'pore new Sleep Challenge to get people to sleep 7 hours a day, earn up to S$30 e-vouchers

Sleep and get rewarded with alertness, better health, and e-vouchers.

Belmont Lay | Karen Lui | September 13, 2021, 03:37 AM

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The Health Promotion Board (HPB) is launching The Sleep Challenge to get people in Singapore to sleep seven hours a day and be rewarded with alertness, better health, and points to redeem e-vouchers.

As one of the biggest practitioners of nudging people to do things for their own good by setting goal-oriented challenges that can be completed voluntarily, this new HPB challenge is an extension of an already well-established exercise challenge.

The new Sleep Challenge will be launched under the National Steps Challenge.

How it works

Participants can earn 25 Healthpoints daily when they get at least seven hours of sleep within a 24-hour period.

Extra Healthpoints can be earned during bonus weeks.

Those interested can register from now until Mar. 31, 2022.

The challenge period is from Nov. 1, 2021 until Apr. 1, 2022.


The Sleep Challenge is open to Singapore and permanent residents with valid NRIC, as well as foreigners with valid FIN, aged 17 years and above.

But the catch is that those who want to take part for this new sleep challenge must have completed "Steps Rewards" in previous seasons.

Those who are participating in the LumiHealth programme or have withdrawn from it irreversibly do not qualify for the sleep challenge.

Eligible participants are required to use the new Season 6 HPB fitness tracker with sleep tracking function and the Healthy 365 app.

Each day’s sleep will be counted from 12pm to 11:59am the next day.

Only sleep duration of at least two hours will be recorded and counted towards each day’s total sleep duration.

To learn how to view your sleep history on the Healthy 365 app, and tips for accurate sleep tracking, click here.

Check out the chart to see how much sleep each age group should be getting:

National Steps Challenge Season 6

The National Steps Challenge was first introduced in 2016 as a social movement to encourage the local population to sit less and move more.

Season 6 starts on Oct. 1, 2021, and is now open for registration on the Healthy 365 app.

To entice people to sign up early, an extra 300 Healthpoints will be given to those who sign up during the Early Bird Special and clock 10,000 steps daily for three days between Oct. 1 to 10, 2021.

For more information on the National Steps Challenge Season 6, click here.

Sleeping on the job

Sleep, or the lack of, has been in the news in Singapore lately.

A mattress company Sonno announced it is offering someone in Singapore S$1,500 to sleep eight hours a night for 100 days.

Applications close on Sep. 19 and the chosen candidate will commence work in early October.

A recent study by UK bedding manufacturer Sleepseeker found that Singapore is the world's most fatigued country.

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