Man apparently asks PS5 installer to dress as wifi technician to trick wife into thinking it's a router

The lengths one would go to for a PS5.

Syahindah Ishak | March 05, 2021, 12:57 PM

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The Playstation 5 (PS5) was launched in November 2020, leading to a huge demand in many countries.

A man in Taiwan had gone to the extent of lying to his wife to get a PS5 by telling her that the gaming console was an air purifier.

Much to his disappointment, his wife eventually discovered the truth.

PS5 store clerk pretended to be a wifi technician

One Vietnamese man, however, apparently succeeded in sneaking his PS5 into the house without suspicions from his wife.

According to a viral Facebook post, he had apparently asked the PS5 store clerk to pretend to be a wifi technician after convincing his wife that the gaming console was a wifi router.

The store clerk subsequently came to the man's house clad in a Viettel uniform. Viettel is a major internet service provider in Vietnam.

Photo from Gamer Secret/FB.

The post then says he installed the "wifi router", maintaining his facade.

Photo from Gamer Secret/FB.

Photo from Gamer Secret/FB.

He even supposedly added a telephone hotline sticker on the console to make the ruse more believable.

Photo from Gamer Secret/FB.

Based on a South Korean cartoon

The Vietnamese man's ploy was purportedly based on a viral South Korean cartoon by YouTuber JangBijju.

The cartoon depicted a man who tried to fool his wife into believing that the PS5 console was a wifi router called "Plash Speed".

You can watch the cartoon with English subtitles here:

Top images from Gamer Secret/FB.