Trump’s spread of misinformation led to violent threats against family: Arizona’s state secretary

She called for Trump to stop propagating fake news.

Kayla Wong | November 20, 2020, 02:16 PM

Arizona Secretary of State in the United States has spoken out against the rising threats of violence she is facing over the Nov. 3 election result.

And she is blaming U.S. President Donald Trump for the threats she received.

Called for a stop to the spread of misinformation

In a statement released on Wednesday, Nov. 18, the top election official, Katie Hobbs, called the "escalating threats of violence" directed to her family and her staff "utterly abhorrent".

"There are those, including the president, members of Congress and other elected officials, who are perpetuating misinformation and are encouraging others to distrust the election results in a manner that violates the oath of office they took," Hobbs, a Democrat, said.

Saying their words and actions have consequences, she called on them to "stop".

According to NBC-affiliated media KPNX, Hobbs claimed that the threats she received on social media site Parler were "something like, 'Let's burn her house down and kill her and her family, and teach those fraudsters a lesson.'"

She also claimed that her home address and personal information were posted on the site.

Threats indicate a "deeper problem" in America

She also said the threats are "a symptom of a deeper problem" in the country, which was the "consistent and systematic undermining of trust in each other and [their] democratic process".

Reiterating that elections are "safe and secure", she said the continued "intimidation tactics" from perpetrators will not prevent her from performing her duties.

Trump's supporters who refused to accept his defeat by President-elect Joe Biden had taken to the streets to protest the election outcome.

Joining similar protests in Arizona were a number of extremist groups such as the Proud Boys, which were designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, some of whom were armed with semi-automatic weapons.

Protesters widely believe in the baseless claim that Biden had only won because of electoral fraud -- an accusation that Trump has repeated several times.

However, legal experts have rejected such claims of voter fraud, and said none of the lawsuits could change the election outcome.

Some attorneys representing Trump have even said under oath that they have no proof of fraud, according to Wall Street Journal.

As his relationship with Fox News suffers, Trump has encouraged his supporters to get their information from far-right, pro-Trump channels that have a history of promoting conspiracy theories which are not substantiated by evidence.

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Top image adapted via Getty Images & ABC7 News Bay Area