Circuit breaker: S'poreans can still visit family members to assist with daily needs, MOH says


Mandy How | April 08, 2020, 12:13 AM

Singapore's "circuit breaker" measures kicked in on Apr. 7, 2020, and will last for 28 days till May. 4.

Tighter restrictions on movements and gatherings of people are among the measures, which were announced on Apr. 3.

This means that Singaporeans should:

  • Stay at home as far as possible, and leave the house only for work or "essential" errands
  • Avoid socialising with other households, be it friends or family members

Most workplaces have also been closed, except for essential services and key economic sectors.


This, however, has left some confused as to whether they are still allowed to visit family members in other households, but for essential purposes.

Responding to media queries, a Ministry of Health spokesperson clarified that social gatherings, such as "private parties and social get-togethers" with friends and relatives are disallowed.

However, individuals can still visit family members for assistance with their daily needs, such as caring for elderly parents or informal childcare arrangements.

The earlier announcement had led to some questions among Singaporeans about the granting of exceptions, as it was construed as putting a stop to all familial meetings for all purposes.

Top image via Helping Joy on Facebook, for illustration purposes only.


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