S'pore eatery stops delivering rat design Yusheng as bumpy rides keep messing it up


Mandy How| January 20, 06:41 PM

An eatery in Singapore has stopped deliveries of their custom-designed Yusheng after bumpy rides rendered it unfeasible.

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Buey Tahan See-Food Delivery announced the end of the service in a Jan. 18 Facebook post.

Here's what the Yusheng is supposed to look like, with a shredded vegetable rat on top:

Photo via Buey Tahan See-Food Delivery on Facebook

Unfortunately, some customers received this instead:

Photo via Buey Tahan See-Food Delivery on Facebook

Regarding the difference in presentation, the eatery said in good humour,

"We have stopped our Yu Sheng design service. Due to the bumpy roads and unforeseen circumstances which we had been challenged.

Reason being our dear cute little "Rat" will become a cute "shih tzu" or a cute little "hamster" when it reaches you."

Customers who had previously opted for the design at an additional S$10 will get their money back.

The eatery decided to upload the "before" and "after" photos for laughs, they said in their Facebook post.

While delivery is no longer available for the rat design, you can have it at their following outlets:


Yusheng, also known as Lo Hei, is a traditional salad dish eaten during Chinese New Year.

Family and friends usually gather around the dish and use chopsticks to toss the salad as high as they can, while shouting auspicious phrases.

The salad often contains salmon or abalone as symbols of wealth and abundance.

You can read Buey Tahan See Food Delivery's original post here:

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Top image via Buey Tahan See-Food Delivery on Facebook


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