Japanese model spends S$12 million in 3 months, divorces husband when told to spend less

She asked for a divorce just one week after she had gotten married.

Kayla Wong | Melanie Lim | January 15, 2020, 10:15 PM

Kato Sari is a 29-year-old Japanese fashion model who is known for her luxurious lifestyle and love of high-end brands.



Asked for a divorce one week after marrying husband

On Jan. 10, 2020, Kato posted a video on YouTube announcing that she had separated from her 36-year-old husband just one week after she had married him in September 2019.

Here it is:

In the video, Kato stated that they had been dating since May 2019, and that she had asked for a divorce as her husband could not afford to finance her lavish spending habits after marriage.

She also introduced the stuff that she bought during a trip from Hawaii, which she had placed around her king-sized bed in one of her apartments.

According to her, this hat made out of real fur cost 300,000 yen (S$3,677).

Screengrab via YouTube

She was also wearing bracelets she said cost 10 million yen (S$122,580).

Screengrab via YouTube

And a 5 million yen (S$61,293) necklace.

Screengrab via YouTube

Spent more than S$12 million just three months before wedding

Kato stated that she had spent more than 1 billion yen (S$12.2 million) of her ex-husband's money in just three months from the time they had started dating.

In another video interview, she also claimed that the most amount of money she had spent in a single shopping trip was 28 million yen (S$343,344).


After they got married, Kato's ex-husband apparently asked her to stop her lavish spending as his company was facing financial difficulties, Line Today reports.

However, Kato was angered at the prospect of not being able to continue her spending habits and said she had "no more interest" in her husband after he had no money left.

She even likened her husband to a fraud, stating that he had cheated her into signing the marriage papers.

Admitted that she married husband for money

In one video interview, Kato admitted that she had married her husband for money.

When the host asked what drew her to her husband, she simply said, "Money, that's it."

After the host asked her what else there was to her marriage other than money, Kato then joked that the host shouldn't ask such questions with obvious answers.

You can watch it here:

In November 2019, Sari had also stated in an Instagram post that unlike money, the value of love falls and disappears, which is why she trusts money over love more:


Since the divorce, Kato has been posting numerous Instagram photos with other men whom she refers to as "gentlemen":



With one post even saying that she's leaning on her new lover's knee and that "it's all about money when it comes to guys":


Well-connected, she was photographed with many Japanese celebrities as well, such as actor Teppei Koike and transgender makeup artist Ikko.

Netizens criticise Kato for divorce

After Kato published the video about her divorce, many Japanese netizens came forth to criticise her.

Several YouTube comments called out her poor personality, her materialistic ways and even her looks. 

Screengrab via YouTube

"Everyone has different values. It's okay for you to think that the man you married was trash. But you should realise that you yourself is even more trash."

Screengrab via YouTube

"If you only know how to view people through the lens of money, what have you learnt since entering society."

Screengrab via YouTube

"Well, he won't be happy even if he married you."

Screengrab via YouTube

"There are many women with bad personalities, but this is on another level."

Screengrab via YouTube

"This woman is really pitiful. Seems like she hasn't led a decent life so far. What's so good about this woman anyway? Her face looks like it's collapsing. Disgusting."

Guess money can't buy everything.

Top image via Kato Sari on Instagram 


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