Former CEO, 81, works as sales assistant selling bowls: 'You must know how to let go'


Tanya Ong | January 24, 2020, 09:08 AM

When Palakorn Tesnam visited a shopping mall in Thailand, he was not expecting to meet an 81-year-old retail assistant who would dish out valuable life advice.

Conversation with 81-year-old man

Palakorn said in his Facebook post that he was approached by an elderly man, who asked if he needed a shopping cart.

The poster, known as Uncle Pracha, then struck up a conversation with Palakorn.

From speaking with him, Palakorn found out that the elderly man was 81 years old, and that he works every day from 9am to 7pm as a retail assistant in the mall.

In their conversation, Pracha claimed that he used to run a company at a shipyard with nearly 200 employees.

He said he had no real friends, and when the business folded, he was somehow left alone with his so-called friends all turning their backs on him.

Now, apart from his responsibility of taking care of and selling bowls, he also said he enjoys talking to people and listening to their stories.

พลากร เทศนำ/FB

พลากร เทศนำ/FB

He shared some words of wisdom for Palakorn:

"Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke... Don't be stressed, know how to let go."

Here's a photo of them together:

พลากร เทศนำ/FB

And here's his Facebook post:

Top photo via พลากร เทศนำ/FB


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