S'porean guy advertises his CNY boyfriend service from S$88, +S$58 for BTO status

He later edits his post to say that he's just kidding.

Mandy How | January 23, 2020, 06:25 PM

As is the norm for recent years, a Singaporean male has listed his services as a boyfriend for rent during CNY.

Byrant Luo, who decided to "advertise" himself this year, has gathered more 570 shares since his Facebook post was uploaded on Jan. 22.

Add-on services

The advertisement lists his prices and services, starting from S$88/hour for a minimum of two hours.

You can also add services like hand-holding and even kissing, although they do not come cheap.

"Meet parents: S$88/ hour (min. two hours)

Meet parents and be super charming, show like I'm the perfect husband material: +S$188

Hold hands in front of relatives: S$58

Hug in front of relatives: S$68

Kiss in front of relatives: S$188"

One particularly useful add-on is the BTO status for S$58, where the renter will be able to tell their relatives that they have BTO-ed with Luo.

Besides being paid by the renter, Luo will also get to keep the red packets from visitations.

If the red packet money he collects exceeds S$200, Luo says that he will also feed his "partner" during dinner and cook for them during steamboat sessions.

Those who book him by Jan. 23 will get 8 per cent off the total bill.

Luo adds that he will not engage in sexual relations.

Just a joke

About one day later, however, Luo updates his post with a disclaimer: "Guys I'm only kidding ok! I'm under qualified to be escort lolllll."

Nonetheless, his post has attracted 340 comments at the time of writing.

One potential customer found him "cute":

Seems like Luo is popular with the older demographic as well:

However, he also said that there has been no business enquiries so far:


...Too late.

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Top image via Bryant Luo on Facebook


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