75kg pig made to bungee jump 68m in China to welcome Year of the Rat

Oh no.

Matthias Ang | January 20, 2020, 03:09 PM

A 75kg pig was made to bungee jump 68 metres by the staff of an amusement park in Chongqing, China, in order to welcome the Year of the Rat.

According to Chinese media The Paper, the incident happened on Jan. 18 at the Mexin Village of Wine.

The park subsequently apologised after the event sparked a backlash and was brought to the attention of the district's tourism authority.

Pig can be heard screaming as it fell

In one video of the incident uploaded to YouTube, the pig can be heard screaming in the midst of its fall, while attached to a green cord with its feet bound, and with what looks like a blue cape tied behind its back.

The pig is also shown squealing in another scene as it was brought up the bungy tower by the park staff while suspended by a rope from a wooden stick.

In another video, the pig is heard screaming as soon as it is pushed off the tower and made its free-fall.

Park staff were also seen dragging the pig towards the jumping point and tying harnesses around its body.

Malaysian media Oriental Daily quoted a staff member as stating that the pig had been calm at the moments when it was pushed off and brought up.

He said: "When I pushed it down, it was very calm, especially calm, and when it was brought up, it was also calm, and did not react."

Park initially denied animal cruelty

Beijing News reported that the park's event subsequently caused outrage, with multiple phone calls to the park accusing them of animal cruelty.

Initially, the park denied that the move was an act of animal cruelty and added that they had only conducted an experiment.

However, the park then apologised afterwards and stated that it accepted the criticisms and suggestions it had received about the event, upon being contacted by the Fuling District Tourism Bureau for Chongqing, The Paper reported.

It has since pledged to improve the quality of its services to serve tourists better.

Top image collage screenshots via 张民辰 YouTube


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