S'pore Airlines passenger roasted online after calling 17-hour flight delay 'inhumane torture'

Those who responded commented that he was just trying his luck for a refund.

Julia Yeo| December 08, 06:02 PM

On Dec. 5, Singapore Airlines (SIA) issued a statement apologising for a 17-hour flight delay from Singapore to New Delhi scheduled on Nov. 29.

Flight SQ406, which had been scheduled to leave Changi Airport at 4:45pm on Nov. 29, took off at 9:23am the next day.

Man called 17-hour delay "inhumane torture"

According to The Straits Times, SIA said that passengers were provided with meal vouchers and refreshments such as sandwiches, muffins, fruits and drinks during the delay.

However, several passengers who were unhappy with the hours-long wait then posted complaints on SIA's Facebook page.

One passenger even complained and demanded a full refund and called the delay "inhumane torture".

While the original post has been removed, it was reposted by another Facebook user.

The passenger, named Deep Roy on Facebook, had posted a lengthy complaint on SIA's Facebook page, detailing his harrowing experience with the airline during the delay.

Screenshot via BK Tan/FB

Screenshot via BK Tan/FB

Roy alleged that the passengers had been "fed lies continuously by the SQ Ground Staff" throughout the 17 hours.

He added that the plane was grounded without air conditioning for more than an hour during the first boarding, until passengers were asked to get off due to a problem with the braking mechanism.

The disgruntled passenger complained that they were only "offered a measly SGD 15 credit for getting some dinner", as the SQ staff "refused to take out" the in-flight meals meant for passengers.

Roy also said that SIA eventually arranged for refreshments after "continuous yelling and protests" from the passengers at around 6:15am on Nov. 30.

When the flight safely took off and landed in New Delhi, Roy said that passengers including himself "were all just relieved to finally get back home after this relentless & inhuman torture".

He mentioned in his complaint that he had missed his child's award ceremony due to the delay, and said that SIA demonstrated "pathetic preparedness and service" despite "charging much higher fares".

Roasted by Facebook commenters

However, Roy's complaint received significant backlash from online commenters, with many responding that he was simply trying his luck for a full refund.

Photo via BK Tan

Photo via BK Tan

Photo via BK Tan

Photo via BK Tan

Singapore Airlines posted apology in comments

SIA responded to Deep Roy's complaint on their page, but Roy commented that it was "a standard response", and was sceptical that SIA intended to help with the situation.

Photo via BK Tan

Photo via BK Tan

ST reached out to the airline for a response regarding compensation for its passengers.

SIA said that it was "in touch with our passengers to provide assistance".

"SIA will review the events that took place over the course of this delay, and apply the lessons learnt to improve the service to our customers," the airline responded.

Top image via Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images


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