Finland prime minister Sanna Marin, 34, is world's youngest PM

All five party leaders in Finland are female and mostly in their 30s.

Zhangxin Zheng| December 09, 02:50 PM

Sanna Marin is the youngest-serving prime minister in the world.

She became the prime minister of Finland at 34.

Youngest-serving prime minister in the world

Marin is selected by her party, the Social Democratic Party, which was the largest party to emerg from the election in April.

She took over the position from previous prime minister Antti Rinne who resigned on Dec. 3, 2019.

Photo from Sanna Marin/Facebook.

She told the reporters after winning that she has never thought her age and gender are reasons for her victory, but the fact that the party has won the trust of the electorate.

However, she added, "We have a lot of work ahead to rebuild trust."

She is Finland’s third female government leader.

All five party leaders in Finland are female and mostly in their 30s.

Other facts about Sanna Marin

1. She's 34 years old, married and has a one-year-old daughter named Emma.

Marin credits Emma's grandparents for helping to care for their granddaughter.

2. She was born in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and eventually moved to Tampere city.

3. She was raised by same-sex parents.

4. She holds a Master of Administrative Sciences from the University of Tampere.

5. She was the head of the city council of Tampere at the age of 27. She has been a member of Parliament of Finland since 2015 and the Minister of Transport and Communications in June 2019.

6. She's a progressive leftist, holding on to values of freedom, equality, and solidarity close to heart.

7. She wrote that she joined politics because she wants to influence how society views its citizens and their rights.

H/T: Sanna Marin website, Reuters

Top photo collage via Sanna Marin/Facebook


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