Jewel Changi Airport accused of allowing celebrity into attraction without proper footwear

Jewel said it was an oversight and the rangers have been reminded to enforce the rules.

Zhangxin Zheng | December 08, 2019, 06:06 PM

It's the December school holiday, a time when most parents will want to spend some quality time with their offspring.

While some may head out to visit other countries, many also visit local attractions such as Jewel Changi Airport as it has interesting programmes lined up for kids.

Denied from Canopy Walk due to improper footwear

Knowing about the end-year activities at Jewel Changi Airport, one parent, Kailin Ng, decided to bring her son to the canopy walk that has a Christmas-themed Snow Walk feature.

Ng wrote in a Facebook post on Dec. 3 that her son was wearing a pair of open-toe sandals instead of covered shoes, which is required as part of the safety measures.

Ng shared a photo of the sandals that her son, Aden, was wearing:

Photo by Kailin Ng/Facebook.

Given the inappropriate footwear, they were denied from participating in the snow walk segment.

Fortunately, the boy was understanding and still enjoyed his time with his mum at Jewel Changi Airport.

Celebrity DJ's son allowed into Canopy Walk without covered shoes

However, Ng later found out in the next few days that a celebrity DJ and her son, who was wearing a similar pair of sandals, were allowed into the area.

Here's a photo of the celebrity DJ and her son that Ng posted:

Photo by Kailin Ng/Facebook.

This led Ng to question whether there was double standards in enforcing the safety requirements.

An oversight but safety is priority

In response to a media query, Jewel Changi Airport said that it is their "topmost priority" for visitors to enjoy our facilities in "optimal conditions" which is why visitors have to be in covered footwear for the Snow Walk.

Jewel Changi Airport admitted that allowing the celebrity DJ's son to enter Snow Walk with open-toe footwear is an oversight from the ranger and they have reminded the rangers manning Snow Walk to ensure all visitors are in properly covered footwears before they enter the attraction.

Jewel’s Guest Relations has gotten in touch with Ng and invited the family back to Snow Walk for a visit, the statement added.

Here's the full post by Ng:

Top photo collage from Kailin Ng/Facebook


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