People are rearranging IKEA Shark plushies to make them do human things

Blåhaj the shark looking more dapper than you.

Kayla Wong | December 04, 2019, 11:07 AM

This is Blåhaj (pronounced Blaha). 

IKEA BLÅHAJ Soft toy Image via IKEA[/caption]

It is a stuffed toy in the form of a shark.

Blåhaj was released a few years ago by Swedish furniture store IKEA, and was recently relaunched due to popular demand.

It is available in two sizes -- 55cm and 100cm.

And for some reason, it blew up on social media -- perhaps people were charmed by its friendly-looking appearance.

Shark plushies rearranged to look like us doing mundane things

The obsession over Blåhaj manifested in physical IKEA stores as well, as some people started rearranging the soft toys into various positions that are meant to make them look like they are masquerading as humans.

Such as this particular photo taken in Thailand, where two sharks were rearranged to look like a parent was reading a bedtime story to his or her child, or a couple sharing a book together.

Here's a family of sharks eating dinner together at a table with wine and candles.

And many more:

People who purchased Blåhaj the shark also did the same.

A Twitter user even took the chance to remind others of the importance of protecting actual sharks.

And it seems that these sharks are available in Singapore's IKEA stores too, although numbers are limited.


Top image adapted via @aky_niboshi & @thamenat


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