Gojek driver who asked for S$3 tip & kicked riders out of car temporarily suspended, passenger claims

Probably not worth the S$3.

Jane Zhang| December 20, 03:11 PM

A Singaporean man who claimed that he and two others were made to get out of their Gojek ride for not agreeing to tip the driver has shared an update on Facebook.

A quick summary of the situation for the uninitiated, according to the original post by one Joseph Lam at around 3am on Dec. 18:

The group of three passengers booked a Gojek ride from Changi Airport in the wee hours of the morning.

They got into car. Driver asked for S$3 tip. Awkward laughter. Driver asked again, and gave reasoning that Grab would have cost them more.

The passengers said no.

Driver rage-quit, cancelled ride, and dropped them off at bus stop.

You can read all about the incident here:

Driver suspended temporarily

Lam shared on Facebook around 10:30pm on the same day Dec. 18 that Gojek had reached out to both him and the driver, and that the situation had been resolved.

Lam claimed that the driver was suspended by Gojek, "but only for a period of time".

According to Lam, Gojek had also offered him some sort of unspecified "service recovery" compensation, but he did not accept it.

He shared that the goal of both of his posts was to warn people to be careful of this type of situation, and encourage others to take note in order to protect themselves.

He also thanked the people who had left supportive comments on his previous post, while pushing back at the "haters" and "naysayers" who had left comments criticising or questioning him, saying:

"Well, anyone can say you should have done this and that; start taking video; get off the ride; etc. But when you are really in that situation, you may not have time to react to it due to many reasons.

Things escalated fast, I thought he was joking when he first mentioned to drop us off in the middle of the road."

Second chances

Lam shared that he was comfortable with the driver's suspension being only temporary, writing:

"I feel everyone deserves a second chance. We do not know what this person is facing or going through in life, perhaps he needed money but has done it in the wrong way."

He said that he hopes the driver refrains from repeating his actions:

"I hope he learns from this incident and will not demand/threaten his passengers for tips again once he is able to drive again."

Lam cautioned people not to harass the driver nor his family, as he was aware that some people had been able to find the driver's personal Facebook profile and other information.

Lam shared that he also took the steps to remove the photos and personal information of the driver which had previously been available in his original post.

The other side of the story, as told by Lam

Lam also shared what he claimed to be the driver's explanation of the situation to Gojek.

According to Lam, the driver told Gojek that he had waited for Lam and his group for more than five minutes.

As a result, he was asking them for a "penalty fee" for making him wait, not for a tip.

However, Gojek does not impose a penalty fee on riders who make their drivers wait.

Lam said in his post that Gojek had claimed it informed the driver of this fact.

Lam also disputed the driver's claim that he had waited more than five minutes for Lam's group.

According to Lam, he and the two people with him were standing at gate 9 of the Changi Airport Terminal 1 arrival area and saw the Gojek pulling up to the arrival area, before stopping at gate 7.

Lam claimed that the Gojek driver then messaged him through the Gojek app to walk to gate 7 instead.

You can read Lam's post in full here:

Mothership reached out to Gojek on Dec. 19 to confirm the details of Lam's Facebook post and will update this article when they respond.

Top image via Facebook / Joseph Lam.


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