Angry PMD users flood Lam Pin Min’s Facebook page with angry comments

Not everyone welcomed the move.

Matthias Ang | November 6, 2019 @ 10:05 pm


On Nov. 4, Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min announced in Parliament that the use of e-scooters will be prohibited on all footpaths, starting Nov. 5.

In response to the sudden ban, many Singaporeans took to voicing their support for the move, with claims of having been terrorised by speeding PMD riders who had little regard for safety.

PMD riders, on the other hand, weren’t too pleased.

Lam slammed for hurting livelihoods

Critical comments slamming Lam surfaced on his Facebook post.

The criticism was largely centred on the blanket ban on PMDs, which has hurt the livelihoods of those who deliver food to earn their keep.

Screenshots from Lam Pin Min Facebook
Screenshots from Lam Pin Min Facebook
Screenshots from Lam Pin Min Facebook

Screenshots from Lam Pin Min Facebook

Screenshots from Lam Pin Min Facebook

Some also felt that the ban was unfair to them, on the basis that they used the PMD as a device to get around because of health problems, and for daily chores.

Screenshots from Lam Pin Min Facebook

Screenshots from Lam Pin Min Facebook
Screenshot from Lam Pin Min Facebook

Personal mobility aids (PMAs) are not banned on footpaths, although confusion could have set in as the ban was carried out overnight along with punitive measures devised to keep users in check.

Government will work with food delivery companies to resolve issue

The general sentiment that the ban would deal a blow to the livelihood of PMD riders was further echoed by Member of Parliament (MP) Liang Eng Hwa, who asked on Nov. 4 if any help will be offered to food delivery riders.

Liang said: “I want to ask SMS (Lam) how he sees this decison affecting the food delivery businesses and more importantly, the PMD riders? They depend on the PMDs to earn a living, [will there be] existing measures to help them to continue to have a way to do their business?”

In response, Lam said that the government has been engaging with food delivery companies FoodPanda, Deliveroo, and GrabFood, to help their PMD riders switch from e-scooters to either motorcycles or bicycles.

He further noted that there were 7,000 food delivery riders using PMDs engaged by these three companies, although less than 30 per cent of all food deliveries were done using PMDs.

Lam said: “For FoodPanda, only 12 per cent of their food deliveries are done using PMDs. Deliveroo, about 5 per cent.”

7,000 food delivery riders who depend on PMDs in S’pore affected by footpath ban

Over 1 in 3 GrabFood riders affected by PMD ban on footpaths

Top image collage from Lam Pin Min Facebook and Gov.sg YouTube


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