Nacho cheese curry puff & spicy cheese mid joint wings at Old Chang Kee from Nov. 1, 2019

Get cheesy in November.

Melanie Lim | November 01, 2019, 11:11 AM

Old Chang Kee has come up with a number of curry puff variations over the years.

Notable ones include the Hainanese Chicken Rice'O, Laksa Chicken'O and even a Durian Curry Chicken’O and Jackfruit Curry Chicken’O.

Cheesy Curry Chicken'O

On Nov. 1, Old Chang Kee has launched their newest curry puff flavour - the Cheesy Curry Chicken'O.

Image via Old Chang Kee Singapore

The Cheesy Curry Chicken'O consists of the usual curried potatoes, chunky chicken, egg and a new addition - oozy, flow-y, Nacho cheese.

Each puff retails at S$2 per piece, or two pieces for S$3.60.

Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings

Old Chang Kee has also come up with the new Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings, which are basically crispy wings sprinkled with spicy cheese powder.

Image via Old Chang Kee Singapore

The Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings retail at S$3.50 per cup, with six pieces inside.

Customers can get both the curry puffs and wings at any Old Chang Kee outlet in Singapore, valid for a limited time only.

Top image via Old Chang Kee Singapore