Old Chang Kee now stuffing laksa into curry puffs for bicentennial commemoration


Mandy How | March 7, 2019 @ 03:54 pm


The last time round, it was chicken rice in a curry puff:

Old Chang Kee stuffs curry puffs with Chicken Rice, calls it Chicken Rice’O

Now, thanks to Old Chang Kee once again, laksa is the latest local food to be stuffed in a crust.

The pastry shell is stuffed with chicken chunks, egg, fish cake and home-made laksa paste.

Image via Old Chang Kee

You can buy it at S$2 a puff, or S$3.60 for two.

If you’re asking why, Old Chang Kee says this is part of the Singapore’s bicentennial commemoration.

Here are more photos of the product:

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Following my adventures with @oldchangkeesingapore ‘s Hainanese Chicken Rice Puff a few weeks back, . . I’m back with the all new Laksa Chicken Puff!!! (no emoji for laksa soz…) It’s $2 for 1 and $3.60 for two, and it’s just a puff la so I’m gna go straight into it . . Laksa is one of my favourite local dishes so I was pretty excited but it didn’t rly taste a lot like laksa leh?? To be fair there was quite a strong taste (and visible amounts) of laksa leaves but to me, laksa is characterised by coconut milk, sambal, and maybe a bit of seafood? . . Overall it was still a rly solid CURRY puff, oh and the chunks of egg in this seemed a lot bigger too but I didn’t rly think it could be called a laksa puff. I’m no food scientist but maybe they could’ve stuffed some hae bi, fishcake, taupok and taugay inside heh!

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Laksa bun and fried rice

Besides the Laksa Chicken’O Puff, customers can also try the Laksa Chicken Bun (S$2, at Bun Times, Curry Times and Old Chang Kee Coffee House @ REX) and Laksa Fried Rice (S$8.50 Curry Times outlets).

Image via Old Chang Kee
Image via Old Chang Kee

All these laksa items are only available for a limited time.

Top image via Old Chang Kee and @daveltk on Instagram

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