Old Chang Kee stuffs curry puffs with Chicken Rice, calls it Chicken Rice’O

It's like eating two meals in one.

Sulaiman Daud | January 6, 2019 @ 09:14 pm


In the grand tradition of Singaporeans taking iconic food items and combining them with other iconic foods to form a super mutant new combination, Old Chang Kee’s latest creation fits the bill.

Behold, the Hainanese Chicken Rice’O.

It was formally introduced to the general public today (Jan. 6).

Fusion dance

After the launches of their Chilli Crab’O and their Chicken-and-Mushroom’O, Old Chang Kee dared to dream.

Some people will look at chicken rice and curry puffs, and ask “Why put them together?”

Old Chang Kee would reply, “Why not?”

When you buy a Chicken Rice’O, you’re essentially getting a curry puff pastry packed with chicken rice, chicken meat, and yes, chilli sauce too.

Photo by Joshua Lee.

The pastry shell looks normal from the outside, with only its bright yellow hue a clue as to the meaty treat inside.

Break it open, and the chicken rice lies therein.

Photo by Joshua Lee.

If this proves popular with Singaporeans, what could be next?

They already tried durian and jackfruit curry puffs.

But what else could be in line to get stuffed?

Nasi briyani? Laksa? Hokkien mee? Ice kachang? No one knows.

There are vast, untapped areas of curry puff technology that have not yet been dreamt of.

But Old Chang Kee will be leading that expedition into the unknown.

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Top image from Old Chang Kee’s Facebook page and Joshua Lee.

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