'Burning Flame' HK actor Wong He helps direct traffic at intersection with faulty traffic lights

Putting his past training to good use.

Guan Zhen Tan| October 16, 11:35 AM

Wong He is a Hong Kong actor best known for playing a heroic fireman in TVB's Burning Flame series, which spawned three seasons from 1998 to 2009.

Helped to direct traffic flows

Now, the actor is going viral for reasons besides his acting chops -- specifically, for being able to direct traffic in a busy intersection in Hong Kong.

According to China Press, Wong was in the Mong Kok area at around 4:20 pm on October 11.

As the traffic lights were spoilt, a young man was trying to direct traffic at that time.

However, the intersection was packed with vehicles, and the young man had no experience in directing traffic.

As he had received training as a former Royal Hong Kong Police officer as an airport officer and a Police Tactical Unit member, Wong stopped to help.

He assisted with directing traffic for about 25 minutes before police officers arrived.

Photo via 孤烟暮蝉 on Weibo

Photo via 孤烟暮蝉 on Weibo

Wong is known for his heroic acts on-screen and off, having saved three of his colleagues from a building on fire in 1989 while serving as a police officer.

Kudos to him for lending a hand.

Top image via 孤烟暮蝉 on Weibo and HK01


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