S'pore man takes wireless security camera outside HDB gate, has face recorded in 4K


Tanya Ong| October 21, 09:10 PM

The purpose of a security cameras is, of course, to reveal crucial footage in the event of crime.

One tech reviewer apparently had the opportunity to test out the video capturing skills of a wireless security camera after a man appeared to take the camera from outside the HDB unit.

Man takes security camera

According to Tech360, a man believed to be a surveyor was seen approaching the reviewer's house.

When he received no response, he proceeded to take the camera, which was attached to the front gate.

The man's face was captured in 4K clarity:

Photo from tech360.tv

They clarified that the camera was zip-tied to the front gate. The camera also had a built-in siren function, which was not activated during that time.

The man was seen taking the camera and then walking away from the unit, down the stairs.

Here are the two videos:

A police report has been made with the footage.

Police investigations are currently ongoing.

Top photo via tech360.tv


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