S'poreans pull trending Instagram dog prank, so realistic that some called police

A big woof.

Fasiha Nazren | October 24, 2019, 02:06 PM

Instagram is known for influencers, occasional memes and, of course, fun filters.

Realistic dog filter

One filter called "Sasha Dog", in particular has taken Instagram by storm.

Here's what it looks like:

The filter has been proven to be a lot of fun to some people because you can use it to capture skits like this.

The dog prank

This surprisingly realistic filter has sparked bouts of pranking amongst Singaporeans.

The prank essentially involves a photo of the filter being used in the users home or corridor.

The image is then sent to the users' parents to invoke humorous reactions.

Here's one:

Here's a translation of the video:

Mother: Please hurry!

Son: It's a fake picture, mother.

Mother: You're so rude! I was shivering going up here. Your father also left me there. You're really very rude!

Called the police

But some of the reactions have been rather undesirable.

At least two prank victims have apparently resorted to calling the police, thinking the dogs were real.

Twitter user @ahdraa first sent the following photo to her mother, saying that there's a dog outside their house.

Screenshot from @ahdraa

As a follow-up, she told her mother that the dog has entered her house and sent her this photo:

Screenshot from @ahdraa

While in a state of panic, her mother sent her the following voice notes.


This was what she said:

"You go to the Chinese neighbours' house, is there anybody? Any Chinese neighbours or anything, go get their help."

"I've called the police, the police is on their way now. So you just stay put, just stay put."

In the end, @ahdraa bamboozled herself and immediately told her mother that it was a prank.

Her mother then told her to "answer for herself when they (police) come".



It's not clear whether the police ended up going to her house.

Police really came

Another Twitter user, @chmpagneqissy had a more unfortunate experience.

We will let these screenshots do the talking.

Screenshot from @chmpagneqissy


@chmpagneqissy: There's a dog outside our house.

Mother: Are you for real?

Mother: Close the door.

Mother: Don't open, fool.

Screenshot from @chmpagneqissy


@chmpagneqissy: Coco (family's pet) is under the sofa.

Mother: I've called the police.

Mother: The police will come later.

@chmpagneqissy: OI

@chmpagneqissy: I WAS JUST PLAYING.

Screenshot from @chmpagneqissy


@chmpagneqissy: THERE'S NO DOG.

Mother: Your head la.

Mother: I've already called the police, ok.

@chmpagneqissy: There's no dog, ok.

@chmpagneqissy: Don't lie eh.

Mother: You'll die, the police will come later.

Mother: Answer for yourself.

Mother: The police will come.

@chmpagneqissy: Don't like this, cancel it, mother.

@chmpagneqissy: I won't open the door later.

Mother: Open the door. You think this is fun?

And the police apparently did come to @chmpagneqissy's house to check if there really was a dog situation.

Screenshot from @chmpagneqissy

We have reached out to the police for a statement.

The dog in the filter may not be real, but just in case you find yourself in a situation where a dog has entered your house, try not to call the police.

Instead, reach out to animal welfare groups like the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore (SPCA) or SOSD Singapore.

Top image screenshot from @ahdraa and @chmpagneqissy on Twitter.


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