Insanely ripped Chinese doctor shows off body while trying wedding gowns, breaks the internet

She's been dubbed 'real life Chun Li'.

Tanya Ong | October 25, 2019, 05:33 PM

When brides-to-be try on wedding gowns, the focus is usually on the dress.

One bride-to-be, though, stole the show during a fitting session.

Enter Yuan Herong.

Insanely ripped bride-to-be

Yuan recently went viral for showing off her insanely chiseled body while trying on different gowns.

Here's a video of her holding up a gown, uploaded on Oct. 10:

Photo via IG/yuanherong1229

Photo via IG/yuanherong1229

The video has received over 19,000 views to date.

She has since been dubbed "Chun Li", because of her resemblance to the Street Fighter character, China Press reported.

Some have also responded to her Instagram posts with heart-eye emojis and praise:

Full-time doctor, part-time model

Yuan works as a doctor and part-time model.

This is what she looks like in her doctor gown:

From her Instagram, it also appears that she spends quite a bit of time working out in the gym.

Yuan has also previously taken part in bodybuilding competitions, and earned second place at a competition that took place in September:


Top photo via IG/yuanherong1229


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