Japanese food chain releases ad featuring naked Ronald McDonald with fries as pubic hair

Thankfully, he didn't whip out his Big Mac.

Kayla Wong | October 03, 2019, 06:02 PM

Popular Japanese izakaya (casual pubs) chain Yotteba has released an ad that features a very NSFW Ronald McDonald.

Sexy Ronald

Instead of the typical Ronald that wears a yellow jumpsuit, the ad chose to go along with Sexy Ronald, who is essentially a jacked Ronald McDonald that is naked except for a red-coloured thong.

He appears to tease the audience by pulling it down slightly with his right hand, revealing fries that are meant to resemble his bushy pubic hair.

The ad shocked Internet users enough to elicit pretty strong responses, with a Twitter user saying "I'm haten' it", which is a play on McDonald's tagline "I'm lovin' it".

The packaging for the fries sold at Yotteba features a logo that resembles McDonald's Golden Arches logo, which is the chain izakaya's way of poking fun at the fast food giant McDonald's.

Image via Tabelog

Original Sexy Ronald

The design originated with New York-based artist Wizard Skull.



Image reported as real ad

The ad was first reported by media site Delish as one released by Japan's McDonald's.

However, other media outlets subsequently rectified the misinformation, with New York Post confirming with a McDonald's spokesperson that it was not related in any way to the company.

Vancouver Sun, Daily Mail and Yahoo Style UK all reported the ad as being released by Yotteba.

Raunchy McDonald's ad

In an unrelated incident, Japan's McDonald's released a real product with designs that were suggestive enough to set tongues wagging.

Their summer drink cups, which probably are not meant to imply anything more than just young, innocent love, seemingly turned to smut in a split second when the perspective was changed.

Top image adapted via @Rreizero & Wizard Skull/IG


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