Rowan Atkinson's son is now a Gurkha officer after training for months in Nepal

Very cool.

Nyi Nyi Thet| October 19, 10:04 PM

Most of you might be familiar with Rowan Atkinson, known for his work in Mr Bean, Blackadder, and the Johnny English movies.

In real life, Atkinson is quite the fascinating individual, even managing to land a plane when the pilot passed out.

His son chose to go the military route and has made quite a niche for himself as well, enrolling into the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as an officer-in-training.

He was recently in Nepal as part of a three month Survival Nepali Language Course (SNLC).

Image from Gurkha Brigade Association

According to their newsletter, the course is "important for British Officers who will command and manage Gurkhas".

Atkinson who apparently has been given the epithet "The Hound" learnt the Nepalese language remarkably quickly, a quickness which they attributed to either his language experience (he has studied both Arabic and Spanish) or his urgent requirement to learn local "chat-up"lines.

Image from Gurkhabde

Very Blackadder indeed.

Image from Twitter and Wikipedia


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