Jay Chou holds private concert, complete with costumes, lights & backup dancers, just for his children

Real daddy.

Mandy How | October 23, 11:26 am


Jay Chou held four concerts in Shanghai over the past week, from Oct. 17-20, 2019.

Four “official” ones, that is.

The Mandopop king held a fifth, private concert one afternoon — just for his children.

According to his wife Hannah Quinlivan’s Instagram post, the whole thing started when Hathaway and Romeo attended one of Chou’s concert.

At one point, the children turned to Quinvilan and asked, “Where’s daddy?”

As it turns out, the young ones couldn’t spot him on stage, probably due to the number of things going on.

The next day, Chou held a private concert with just his family in the arena.

Photo via Jay Chou’s Instagram

The performance was complete with lights, costumes, and backup dancers too.

Photo via Jay Chou’s Instagram
Photo via Jay Chou’s Instagram
Photo via Jay Chou’s Instagram

In the same Instagram post, Quinlivan added the hashtags #ThanksToYouGuysMummyManagedToCatchTheOpening #NowYouKnowHowAwesomeDaddyIs #GettingAPromotionAtHome

You can watch a snippet of the concert in her post as well:

Chou also put up a post of his own, thanking his crew and performers who spent the afternoon just to put up a show for Romeo and Hathaway.


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Top image via Jay Chou’s Instagram


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