Uninformed person complains about guide dog on S'pore public bus, gets schooled

It's good to do research.

Sulaiman Daud | October 17, 2019, 11:06 PM

An uninformed person who was miffed at seeing a guide dog on a public bus, and took to Facebook to complain about it, has been called out by other people online.

Photo from @mhdhrzn_'s Twitter.

Translated from Malay, the Facebook caption read:

"Hey friends look at this... is this allowed? Smoking cigarettes at the void deck is not allowed... bringing dogs onto the bus also can?"

In response, Twitter user @mhdhrzn_ wrote in Malay (translated):


"Malay people, please don't be stupid. It's a guide dog for f--k's sake, what do you want? You talk a lot and just don't watch the news. You know you can't smoke under the block."

She added in a follow-up (translated from Malay): "The dog sat there quietly, it's only you who's barking like a dog."

Her rebuke was retweeted over 1,200 times, with other Twitterers replying and saying that it was alright for guide dogs to be on public transport.

Another Twitter user, @sadcrifices, said that people should do their research before complaining online.

Her tweet garnered nearly 2,500 retweets.


Yes, guide dogs are allowed

SBS Transit states that animals are not allowed on their buses and trains due to hygiene and religious reasons.

However, an exception is made for guide dogs for the visually impaired.

SMRT also states that guide dogs are allowed on their vehicles.

According to MUIS, touching and holding dogs are not considered sins in Islam.

Muslims coming into contact with the saliva and excrement of dogs should cleanse themselves with earth and water.

On the use of guide dogs, MUIS states:

"Islam commands us to do good to all creatures, including animals. Hence, we are very much encouraged to be kind (to) those who need to use guide dogs to get around.

Do not react in any way which may offend the owners of the guide dogs or hurt the dog itself."

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Top image from @mhdhrzn_'s Twitter.


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