Hungry person 'grounded' in 6th floor HDB flat, collects GrabFood delivery via window pulley system

When you really gotta get that bread.

Mandy How | October 14, 2019, 04:34 PM

GrabFood delivery personnel encounter interesting requests sometimes:

And it can only get more interesting over time.

On Oct. 13, Twitter user Azhar Jamil uploaded a video of a GrabFood delivery personnel on the job.

The Twitterer is likely the GrabFood personnel.

Calling it "one of the craziest food deliveries" he has experienced, Azhar urged his followers to watch the video.

Here he is, at the delivery location:

The food was then hitched to a pulley system of sorts, which was worked by the customer who looked like they were six floors up.

Here is the delivery being retrieved:

Brightened screenshot via Azhar Jamil on Twitter


If you're wondering why the trouble, Azhar explained in a comment that the customer was allegedly grounded, and thus made such a request.

Here's the translation:

"I don't know who was lazy, him to answer the door or you who had to go up."

"Customer requested because he got grounded."

We're not sure why that would prevent the customer from answering the door to receive a delivery, but resourceful, nonetheless.

Top image via Azhar Jamil/Twitter


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