Mum with Stage 3 breast cancer during pregnancy beats the odds to give birth to healthy child

She felt like she had been through hell and back.

Mandy How| October 22, 02:22 PM

On Oct. 18, 2019, one Malaysia-based Aime Soon wrote a post on her experience with pregnancy and breast cancer.

The story was shared to Facebook page KL吹水站, where it gathered more than 2,000 shares and 7,800 comments.

In fifth month of pregnancy

The 40-year-old mum was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, when she was in her fifth month of pregnancy.

She had discovered a hard lump in her breast, and was told by the doctor that it was Stage 3 breast cancer that had already spread.

To make things worse, Soon originally had a hard time conceiving, and went through plenty of trials before she finally managed to get pregnant.

As a result, what was supposed to be a happy period left her in despair.

A chance at survival

The doctor then recommended chemotherapy and a mastectomy, which would give Soon and her foetus a chance at survival.

Soon underwent the procedures, and emerged bald and emaciated — all while pregnant.

She would receive looks from the people around her, which she wondered about: Was it sympathy? Or was it admiration at her strength?

Soon added that such external pressures made her exhausted, and she felt even worse.

After two sessions of chemotherapy, Soon's doctor induced labour, and she gave birth at 36 weeks.

However, even as she worried about her baby's health, she had to enter her next stage of treatment.

Image via Aime Soon/Facebook

This also meant that she had to do without confinement.

Thankfully, after completing the treatment, the doctor found Soon's health report satisfactory.

Soon describes the entire process as "going to hell and back".

Now, four years on, both Soon and her child are healthy and grateful to be alive.

Image via Aime Soon/Facebook

She hopes that her story will spread some positivity, and urges everyone to bravely overcome the obstacles they meet.

You can read her post here

Top image via Aime Soon/Facebook


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