‘Sighzeriya’ S’pore fan account with savage reviews has more roasts than the menu

If you're the sort who likes to google what you're eating first.

Mandy How | September 12, 2019 @ 10:19 am


Some of us might be really into one dish in particular.

Chicken rice, for example.

Someone seems to have been eating chicken rice in S’pore for 450 days & putting it on Instagram

Others, however, may find themselves returning to a particular restaurant.

Enter @sighseriya, an Instagram account dedicated to the value-for-money Saizeriya Japanese restaurant chain serving Italian fusion food.

The user introduces themselves as such:

“If u think ur painfully mediocre, just remind urself that saizeriya exists
**DISCLAIMER** I am actually saizeriya’s biggest fan
? value for food”

Here are some of the reviews on the account, which was started as early as April 2018.

Sadly, Saizeriya’s biggest fan doesn’t always leave rave reviews. At least it’s honest though.

A wide variety of dishes are featured:

Despite infrequent postings, the account has over 600 followers.

In other news, Saizeriya also made it to our top five restaurants to dine at if you’re alone on V Day.

Top 5 affordable eateries in S’pore to eat at alone on Valentine’s Day 2019


Top image via @sighzeriya on Instagram


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