Chin Swee Road couple's brother suspected to have discovered child corpse while looking for food

The younger brother of the child's father is believed to have been alone in the flat at that time.

Tanya Ong| September 18, 11:14 AM

Yet more details have surfaced after a couple has been charged for the murder of a two-and-a-half-year-old toddler.

Here's what has been reported so far:

The couple committed the murder in 2014.

The police were only alerted to the case on Sep. 10, 2019 after residents smelled an unusual and pungent odour coming from the flat.

The human remains were established to be of a female toddler aged two-and-a-half years old.

The couple, who are the registered occupants of the Chin Swee Road flat, is believed to be married with at least three children.

Remains kept in home

According to a report by Lianhe Wanbao, it is suspected that the couple tried to burn the remains of their child after committing the murder in 2014.

As they were unsuccessful, they reportedly kept the remains sealed up and hidden in their refrigerator without anybody noticing.

Neighbours told the Chinese daily that the couple had a few children, who were constantly seen playing along the corridors.

Hence, when one of the children disappeared five years ago, they did not feel something was amiss.

Remains accidentally discovered by brother

The couple has been remanded since June 2018 for other unrelated offences.

In 2018, when both suspects were remanded, it is believed that their children were either taken away by their friends and relatives, or social services.

According to Wanbao, the only person living in the flat since then is the man's younger brother, who has an intellectual disability.

The man's friends would reportedly visit the younger brother to bring him food.

However, the Chinese daily speculated that the younger brother had accidentally stumbled upon the remains while looking for food in the house.

It is unclear how the couple managed to seal and store the remains without anyone detecting it until now.

Top photo via Unsplash & Google streetview.