First all-female S’pore car wash to open in Yishun on August 9, 2019

New things.

Nyi Nyi Thet | August 5, 2019 @ 03:40 pm


Sometimes, brands have problems communicating what their whole deal is about.

This particular one doesn’t.

Here is the logo for Mrs Carwash, which according to the co-founder, is Singapore’s very first all-female car wash.

And that is a deliberate choice.

“Fun and unique washing experience”

Royce, one of the co-owners of the establishment told Mothership that he had “never experienced” an all-female car wash before.

He stated that the reason for using female washers is to “create a fun and unique washing experience which we cannot achieve the same results with males (sic)”.

That curiosity, mixed with the inevitable “first-mover” advantage, spurred him to set up such a company.

Opening on August 9 with a promotion

It will open on August 9, 2019, with a promotion to boot.

For those curious about what exactly the sizes represent, here they are.

– Small cars are hatchback cars
– Medium cars are sedans/SUVs
– Large cars are luxury sedans
– They also have an option for vans and MPVs

They are also using Chemical Guys, a well-known American automotive detailing product.


And while one might think it’s a pop-up stall type of scenario, disappearing behind a wall of foam after the last fireworks go off, Royce has big plans for the venture.

Invariably, issues of sexism might rise, with some questioning whether the women will be used as sexualised props instead of being seen as actual employees.

This is a claim spurred on by the negative associations with the previous bikini carwash in Singapore.

Royce, however, was quite adamant that this is a whole different ball game.

When we broached the subject of the possibility of girls in bikinis, Royce quickly shut down the idea that his staff would be in swimwear.

“Mrscarwash is a legitimate and a non shady female carwash business. Hence, our girls will be wearing personalised crop tops with shorts and flip flops.”

Perhaps something like this.

Image courtesy of Mrs Carwash

“I do not intend to exploit any females to dress in a revealing or skimpily manner and it’s going to be just another job for them,” he added.

He also reiterated that it will be “just another car wash business”.

“Frankly speaking, I choose to believe that concerns of sexism may float up from the general public but i strongly believe that with proper honest working ethics, even if it involves fully female washers, it’ll be just another car wash business where customers get their car cleaned up.”

The car wash will open their doors on August 9, 2019.

Location: 15 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-09

Opening hours: 2pm to 2am

Image courtesy of Royce and Google Maps


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