Adopted M’sian girl in S’pore reunites with long lost siblings from Pahang thanks to Twitter

The stuff Asian dramas are made of.

Melanie Lim | August 6, 07:31 pm


Social media is a powerful tool.

It can edify, tear down and in one case, reunite long-lost siblings.

Attempt to find long lost siblings

On August 5, 2019, Twitter user Siti Nurhafizah (@fdzhx) took to the platform in an attempt to find her long lost siblings from Pahang, Malaysia:

Helloo!! I’m trying to find/locate my long lost siblings in Malaysia, Pahang. The last time I met them was when I was 8. I have their address but I don’t think they’re still staying there. My oldest sister should be 24 years old, my second sister 23.

In a second tweet, she stated that she was getting married soon and wanted to have her siblings by her side:

Image via Twitter

She had previously called Malaysia’s National Registration Department (JPN) and searched through medical reports, but was unsuccessful in getting any leads:

Image via Twitter

Tweet was successful

Nurhafizah’s tweet soon went viral and it was just 11 hours before Twitter user Elyna (@elynananana) stepped out to reply her:

Can I just call you adik (younger sibling)? I’m shaking right now. Is it you? I’m Ellina. Am I your sister??

Ellina went on to explain that Nurhafizah was sent to Singapore to live with a foster family when she was just eight and that her siblings had been trying to find their younger sister for close to 10 years, but to no avail.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Water doesn’t break apart when you chop it (Malay proverb). Hopefully I will be reunited with my third sister. Viral people, please help me to find my sister Siti Nurhafizah. We’ve lost contact for close to 10 years. These pictures are also very old. Hopefully I get to meet her just to say: “Mother, your children are finally reunited.”

Thanks to the power of Twitter, however, this reunion was made possible:

Image via Twitter

I’ve posted before but I thought it was impossible to find her since there was no news after 15 years. But finally, with the power of Twitter… Thank you guys.

Twitter users congratulate siblings

Since news of the siblings’ reunion went viral on Twitter, other users have come out to congratulate them:

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

One user even remarked on the efficiency of Twitter over platforms like JPN:

Image via Twitter

She managed to find her long-lost siblings within 24 hours. Can I just say twitter is more efficient than JPN and so on?

Indeed, an example of social media power at its best.

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