Drama teacher in S’pore angry tweets about primary 3 boy who gave racially insensitive answers

Her own angry tweets were then called out.

Belmont Lay | July 18, 2019 @ 03:29 pm


A drama teacher in Singapore has taken to Twitter to complain about a nine-year-old student she encountered in one of her classes — only to remove her tweets and account after receiving backlash for her views.

What was she upset about?

Her beef?

A child she was teaching in her drama class had behaved in a manner that was not woke enough and she told the boy off on the spot that it was his type of misguided views that is the cause of ethnic violence.

What did she tweet?

The series of six tweets on July 17 by the drama teacher also referred to the child as an “uncultured swine” and that she “wanted to strangle the kid”.

These were the tweets and the circumstances that led to her calling out the boy’s answers and behaviour:

Praised for correcting child

Over on Twitter, the drama teacher’s tweets received support and empathy from some quarters who could relate to her having to deal with such microaggressions:

The issue was also couched as a result of “Chinese privilege“:


But there were also those who criticised her for being too harsh on a nine-year-old, as the teacher was, after all, an educator who should not have shot down the views of a kid who did not know any better.

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In another of her now-deleted tweets, the drama teacher wrote that she would like to not teach drama classes to primary school children moving forward if she has more acting gigs to fall back on.

Ongoing debate on race and people’s lived experiences

Debates about race and privilege in Singapore has been ongoing, with many quarters weighing in with their own lived experiences.

The disputes frequently centre around how legitimate are complaints of casual racism in Singapore, as well as how widespread it is given the younger generation’s increasing wokeness in addressing and mitigating such issues.

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