S’porean footballer Ben Davis draws flak for omitting S’pore flag on Instagram page

Oh no.

Joshua Lee | August 31, 2019 @ 10:41 am


Local netizens are up in arms against Singaporean footballer Ben Davis after he updated his Instagram bio with a Thailand flag and the Union Jack:

Curiously, the Singapore flag is nowhere to be seen.

According to Fox Sports Asia, netizens have blasted the footballer on Facebook. One even went as far to say that he “is not a Singaporean”:

Holds three citizenships

Born in Phuket to a Thai mother and a British father, Davis moved to Singapore at the age of five.

He became a Singaporean in 2009. The footballer currently holds three citizenships — Singapore, the U.K, and Thailand.

Educated at the Singapore Sports School, he has played on Singapore’s national team.

He is also the first Singaporean to sign a professional contract with a top tier football club. Using his status as an English national, Davis signed a 2-year contract with Fulham Football Club in July 2018.

In moving over to play for Fulham, however, Davis defaulted on his National Service obligations back home in Singapore.

Davis had originally applied for a deferment of his National Service so that he could play for Fulham. However, his application was rejected because Davis’ father was unable to commit to a date for his son to return to serve.

According to Mindef, Davis’ application was also rejected because his deferment was meant to further his professional career instead of Singapore’s interest.

Latest update on Ben Davis:

Ben Davis makes first-team debut for Fulham FC in Carabao Cup match in 89th minute

Top images via Ben Davis/Instagram.

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