Children in Vietnam village ferried across river in plastic bags by parents just to go to school


Nyi Nyi Thet | June 25, 12:06 am


In Huoi Hua, a northern mountainous province in Vietnam, going to school isn’t your usual hop and skip on your usual public transport.

Sometimes you have to get in an oversized plastic bag, and have your parents ferry you to the other side.

As such:

Image from Vov.vn
Image from Vov.vn

According to Vietnamese media, the scenes were due to the rainy season, where the bamboo bridges become almost impossible to use, and rafts would sometimes get swept away by the rapids as well.

Parents would securely place one child in a giant plastic bag before fighting the tides to safely deposit the offspring on the other side.

Image from Vov.vn
Image from Vov.vn

Sturdier bridges have been proposed to the municipality, but the lack of funds, and the rural nature of the village has, at least as of 2018, proven to be insurmountable stumbling blocks.

Having crossed the river isn’t the end of their journey.

The rest of the trek involves a five-hour walk through unwelcoming terrain.

The journey means students usually stay in the school for the week, only returning on the weekend.

Image from Vov.vn

This has apparently been going on in other parts of Vietnam for a while now, as this 2013 video shows.

All for an education.

Image from Vov.vn


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