Hyperrealistic maggie mee bag blows minds on internet

Its price is probably not for broke students, though.

Mandy How | June 27, 04:15 pm


Instant noodles are a great snack.

And a great bag, apparently.

Photo via HMI Magazine

Conceived by 27-year-old Dutch designer Rommy Kuperus, the sling bag is handmade with hard foam and is “super super super lightweight”.

Photo via Rommydebommy

There is apparently enough space for an iPhone, make-up, money, and some cards.

Photo via Rommydebommy

According to Kuperus, each bag takes a lot of time to make, which is why processing time for orders is between two – four weeks.

Photo via Rommydebommy

The designer does everything herself, from conceptualising to painting to photography.

But here’s the catch: Each noodle bag is €295, which is about S$454.

If that doesn’t stop you from browsing, here are a few more interesting designs from Kuperus.

Including the strip of pills bag:

Photo via Rommydebommy

Gravity defying cereal bag:

Photo via Rommydebommy

A raw meat purse:

Photo via Rommydebommy

Roast chicken:

Photo via Rommydebommy

Avocado toast:

Photo via Rommydebommy

Breakfast plate:

Photo via Rommydebommy

Stack of pancakes:

Photo via Rommydebommy


Photo via Rommydebommy

Watermelon lolly:

Photo via Rommydebommy

And even bow ties (waffle with butter and maple syrup, in this case):

Photo via Rommydebommy

Bags start from a few hundred and can go up to over a thousand, while bow ties range in the low hundreds.

Kuperus shares on her site that she started making these hyperrealistic bags as she felt that making bags from printed fabrics was too easy.

Singaporeans can purchase them online, but be prepared to pay a substantial amount for shipping.

Still, browsing is free, and you can do so here.

Top image via Rommydebommy


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