Robot traffic enforcer at Jewel Changi Airport patrols streets & displays warning messages

Cool, cool.

Tanya Ong | June 04, 2019, 04:41 PM

Changi Airport is known for its high-tech innovations.

And from a video on Facebook, it appears that might be another cool development.

Enforcement robot

The video shows a robot patrolling Jewel Changi Airport's entrance as bewildered visitors look on.

According to the Facebook caption, the robot has a display screen warning drivers "No waiting" and "No parking".

For the screenshot below, the robot's status reads, "Enforcement in progress".

Photo via FB/ video screenshot

It appears that the robot will go to a parked car and display a message on its screen.

In the video, the robot's screen displays the following message: "A certis officer is on the way to this location."

Photo via FB/ video screenshot

Photo via FB/ video screenshot

According to the Facebook caption, a video and picture will be taken if the driver refuses to move.


The robot seems to be operated by auxiliary police company Certis Cisco.

(Update: June 6)

When contacted, Certis Cisco said:

"As part of our ongoing efforts to reimagine new concepts in advanced security operations, Certis has been conducting trials of its patrol robot in the past two weeks.

The robot is fully autonomous, and encourages smooth traffic flow to allow passengers and airport visitors to have a great experience."

Not the first use of robots

This is not the first time that Changi Airport has employed the use of robots in their operations.

In 2017, the airport reportedly turned to robots to perform housekeeping functions such as mopping and picking up of small items, according to a CNA article.

Apart from just cleaning, the airport has also introduced automation in various aspects of airport operations, including retail, ground handling and security.

Top photo composite image, all photos via FB/ video screenshots


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