Blazing red evening sky spotted all over S'pore, apparently lasted around 10 minutes

So pretty!

Nyi Nyi Thet | June 24, 2019, 09:56 PM

Monday might not be the best day for most.

Weekends over, another week of drudgery awaits.

Here are some images of a red sky (and other colours) to show the metaphorical anger that you might feel.

Image from Serene Ng

Image from Tanya

Here are some other snaps of the ever-changing sky.

In the East.

Image from Mingxia Chorny Ho

In the West as well.

Image by Dom Goh

Just a lovely way to end a Monday.

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Image from Andy Jesus Zoe

Image by Theng Wei Gan.

Image from Tedd Jong Wei

According to a Mothership reader who was over at Tampines, the sky lasted like this for around 10 minutes.

So what causes this?

Turns out that there’s a scientific way to tell if this evening’s sunset will be Insta-worthy.

If there’s a heavy thunderstorm during the day, the rain tends to wash “large particles” out of the air.

Such particles absorb more light and scatter its wavelengths more equally, making the colours more muted.


Images from Nature Society Singapore


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